Accompanying cell for newly recruited teachers


 The University Mohammed Khidre Biskra was the initiative of the project of training new teachers recruited, during the academic year 2015-2016 and under mandate of the presidency of the   University, in coordination with the insurance cell of the quality of the University, the Faculty of Humanities   and Social Sciences organized the training of new teachers (assistant teachers class B).
 The total number was 102 new teachers recruited from all faculties of the university. The members of  the   unit as well as the members of the training organization were created with the participation of a group of   teachers from several faculties to lead this training process. The training program included a series of   courses and workshops represented in:
  • A series of first-day lectures on the objectives and politics of university education.

   A group of workshops is:

  • Governance workshop and ethics of the academic profession.
  • Interaction workshop in progress.
  • Workshop on teaching methods.
  • Continuous evaluation workshop.
  • Workshop of course problems.
  • Workshop on Information Technologies and Communication in Education.


  • This training session aimed to:
  • Provide a new recruited teacher with a set of legal texts and decisions governing.
  • The functions of a university teacher.
  • Provide the new teacher with a set of scientific knowledge related to the teaching profession in several fields.
  • Use some of the skills required in the teaching performance of the university teacher.


As of the 2016/2017 academic year, this process was formally approved by Ministerial Decision No. 932, which includes the method of pedagogical accompaniment of newly recruited teachers published on July 20, 2016, defining the organizational modalities of pedagogical support for newly recruited teachers, which aims to enable them to acquire the skills of university education in line with the requirements of educational vigilance. 


On the basis of Ministerial Decision No. 1636 of 29 October 2016 establishing the National Committee for Supervision and Monitoring of the Implementation of the Pedagogical Support Program for New Recruited Teachers, the Pedagogical Support Unit was also created from the academic year 2016/2017.


In this sense, the University of Biskra strives to provide all material and human resources necessary for the success of the course and achieve the desired benefits for all the work done within the university.



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