Green Innovation: A Key Success Factor For Start-Ups and SMEs (COGISS-2020)
University of Biskra - Biskra (Algeria)
March 09-10th, 2020

***** Deadlines of draft paper submission have been extended to December 31th, 2019 *****

Theme of "COGISS-2020"

Innovation is considered as one of the most strategies to reach competitive advantage of enterprises. It attracts a great and increasing attention of the economic authorities by formulating strategies of innovation in line of global economic trends.

In parallel with the increasing interest for Start-up’s and small and medium enterprises, due to their importance in economies as an effective contributor to economic development, and an effective alternative to traditional income sources, particularly in oil-dependent countries; Innovation is seen as the growth driver of this type of enterprises, and the key of their success, especially under the competitiveness which characterizes both national and international economic environment.

For ensuring the success of Start-ups and SMEs and enhancing their market share, under the big challenges in the business environment such as: climate changes, storage of sources, social pressure for protecting environment etc. They (start-ups and SMEs) have not only to adopt innovation strategy, but to choose the field of beneficial innovation, and to think to adopt Eco-Innovation, or what’s called “Green Innovation” which means:“any form of innovation resulting in or aiming at significant and demonstrable progress towards the goal of sustainable development, through reducing impacts on the environment, enhancing resilience to environmental pressures, or achieving a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources”.

This type of innovation depends a lot on Green Tech, or Clean Tech which means:” the development and application of products, equipment and systems used to conserve the natural environment and resources, which minimizes and reduces the negative impact of human activities”. This Green Tech can be provided from many sources mainly universities and research centers, through their researches which can be transformed to business either Spin offs or Start-ups.

The adoption of such sort of innovation may contribute strongly in reducing costs, as well as the ability to use the environmental features of the new products, as a competitive advantage, further more; the social effects mainly reducing environmental health risks and reducing unemployment by providing jobs.

“COGISS-2020” Problematic

The conference aims to answer the following question:

To what extant can Green Innovation and Green Tech contribute in Start-ups and SMEs success?

“COGISS-2020” Objectives

COGISS2020 is a meeting place for academic researchers from various disciplines, professionals and researchers in the field of: SMEs, Green innovation, Intellectual Property, Collaboration enterprise-university, Green Tech, who would benefit from the conference, including:

- Researchers from universities and research centers, and PhD students ( all desciplines are concerned);
- Responsible from directorate of SMEs;
- Innovators and inventors;
- Start-ups and SMEs managers, and Accompanying bodies of SMEs.

For that, the COGISS2020 seeks to reach the following objectives:

1- Defining Green Innovation and Green Tech, and the necessity of their implementation in Start-ups and SMEs;
2- Identifying the importance of Green Innovation;
3- Analysing the reality of Green Innovation in Algeria, and the government efforts to implement it;
4- Identifying the active partners and the contribution of Scientific Research Centers and universities in activating green innovation and green technology for the development of the Start-ups and SMEs.
5- Highlighting the necessity of integrating Technical fields with Management.

Topics of “COGISS-2020”

I- Management and Law Areas

Conceptual framework of Green Innovation in enterprises

- Green Innovation: definition, types, conditions, and its requirements;
- Economic and Social effects of Green Innovation adoption in enterprises;
- Obstacles and challenges of applying Green Innovation...

Importance of Green Innovation in developing Start-Ups and SMEs

- Green Innovation and Green Tech reality in Start-ups and SMEs;
- Examples of communication solutions, practices that promote the dissemination of Green Innovations, and Green projects;
- Green Innovative marketing communication from the aspect of CGM - national and international challenges and solutions in the practice of SME...
- University innovation ecosystem - opportunities and challenges...

National and international Institutional and legislative efforts to enhance and encourage the adoption of Green Innovation in Start-ups and SMEs

- National and International bodies based on the promotion of Innovation and Green Innovation;
- Governmental policies to promote Green Innovation in Start-ups and SMEs;
- Green Innovation reality in Algeria (Partners’ contribution for applying Green Innovation, Green Innovation Patents…etc.);
- Algerian efforts to promote the relationship University- Enterprise under the National System of Innovation...

II- Sciences & Technology Areas

Application of Green Tech and Green Innovation in Science:

1- Contribution of Universities and Research Centers in Green Innovation and Green Tech Projects:
- Production and storage of energy that respects the environment: (Information Technology, Green Transportation, Electric Motors, Green Chemistry, Lighting, Greywater, and more...
- Recycling and Waste management: ( bio medical waste ...etc);
- Sustainable Water Management;
- Renewable Energy and Energetic Efficiency (wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass, hydropower, biofuels, etc.);
2- Necessity of " Green Tech and Clean Tech" adoption due to Ecological and Climate changes;
3- Green University model;
4- Examples of Spin offs implementing Green Tech Projects (Practical experiences for applying Green Innovation through partnership with Universities and Research Centers).