Historical landmarks of Mohamed Khider Biskra University

Executive Decrees Establishing the University of Biskra


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Rectors of the University of Biskra from 1983 to date






(Juin 2017)









Mohamed Larbi







First stage: the National Institutes (1984-1992):

The University of Biskra has its origins in three national institutes that were administratively, pedagogically and financially autonomous.

National Institute of Hydraulics (Decree No. 254-84, of: 18/08/1984).

National Institute of Architecture (decree n ° 253-84, of: 05/08/1984) ..

National Institute of Electrotechnics (decree n °: 169-86, of: 18/08/1986)


Second stage: the University Center (1992-1998):

These three institutes became a university center by decree: 295-92, of: 07/07/1992.

Since 1992, other institutes have emerged:

Institute of Exact Sciences.

Institute of Civil Engineering.

Institute of Economics.

Institute of Electronics.

Institute of Arabic Literature.

Institute of Sociology.


Third step: the university (since 1998):

Decree n ° 219-98, of: 07.07.1998 transforms the University Center into a University of 03 faculties.

Executive Decree 255-04 of 24/08/2004: amending Executive Decree 219-98 of 07/07/1998, organizes the University of Biskra in four (04) faculties:

1 - Faculty of Science and Engineering.

2 - Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

3 - Faculty of Law and Political Science.

4 - Faculty of Economics and Management.

The current situation:

Following the executive decree n ° 90-09 dated: 17/02/2009, and at the Executive Decree 129-14, the university counts today six (06) faculties and one (01) institute:

1 - Faculty of the exact sciences, natural and life sciences.

2 - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

3 - Faculty of Law and Political Science.

4 - Faculty of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences.

5 - Faculty of Science and Technology.

6 - Faculty of Arts and Languages.

7- Institute of Sciences and Techniques of Physical Activities and Sports (ISTAPS)


After the modification of the article n ° 4 of the executive decree n ° 219-98, the university, in addition to the general secretariat and the central library, includes 04 vice rectorate:

Vice Rectorate in charge of higher education at the undergraduate and graduate level, continued education and diplomas, and graduate training.

Vice-Rectorate in charge of postgraduate training, university and scientific research, and postgraduate higher education.

Vice Rectorate for External Relations, Cooperation, Animation and Communication and Scientific Events

Vice Rectorate in charge of Planning and Guidance.