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Languages ​​and communication in 2019: what strategic depth for our University?

Should a rector be concerned about the linguistic performance of his university? Surely, and more than ever! All forms of communication, internal and external, of his establishment depend on it. Communication reigns at all levels of the university structure; on the coordinated set of its training, research, planning, management and decision plans. Yet, there is no meaningful creation in the absence of language strategies

Languages ​​base our attitudes, our reflections and our actions. They concretely translate the limits of our ambitions and our projects. They express in clear their intelligence and their greatness.

All forms of invention and creation are related to languages. Languages ​​make these human works practical and give each invention, each creation its singularity in the middle of the multitude of objects, things and concepts of everyday life. Yet, there is no meaningful creation in the absence of language strategies.

Should a rector be worried about the linguistic performance of his university? The right answer can only be a series of deserved successes, but not just a record of people or individuals to be glorified.

In the mind of every rector seasoned in good governance, only one phrase; a simple expression in three words: academic strategic depth.

A university is similar, proportionally and in a measured scale, to a territory, a space where the entrances and exits are controlled thanks to its material and human resources to keep at bay any threat against its physical and intellectual integrity. It is a strategic depth which requires the mobilization of its active forces and their strong conviction to transform themselves into strategic actors by relying on the capacities of their Institution thanks to the strength of its leader, on their own competences and their personal performance. Such a strategic depth comprises the resultant of three complementary depths: 1) a depth of governance, 2) a depth of formation and research, and finally 3) a depth of cooperation.

Not to be mistaken; it is not a question of an enclosement of the structures of his Institution, nor an imprisonment of his competences, nor a closure on oneself, but a real openness on the national and the international, on the world and the planet, aware of all the issues that a worthy University knows in advance to prepare at length based on a common unavoidable element, which all the actors own and share to varying degrees: the mastery of languages. The strategic depth consists in the judicious answer to the triple insecurity: linguistic, scriptural and methodological.

That our choices and decisions are reasonable, shared and motivated.

Pr. Ahmed Boutarfaia, Rector.



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